Posted on 9th June 2010 by King7

Here are the hardware cost:

Included: 60-P, CO2 tank, Co2 regulator, Do!Aqua 30m diffuser, ADA bubble counter, maintenance set, Amazonia II – 9l (normal), Amzaonia II – 3l (powder), flame moss

Included: Driftwood, rocks, CO2 tubing, garden mat, UG

Lights: $55

Included: Eheim 2215, Small Mag-Float, Digital thermometer

Included: Power Sand Special, Lily Pipe V3, Lily Pipe P2, Pollen Glass III, Spring Washer, Tourmaline BC, and Bee Food (Returned Do!Aqua CO2 diffuser)

Total so far: $1,246.70

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