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I’m opening up the option to post comments again! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I added some spam security and a¬†captcha¬†plugin. ¬†Hopefully this will cut down on the crazy amount of spams that I was getting before I shut this down.

CRS -> Berried!!


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Last night I found one of my CRS berried!!! ¬†I was definitely jumping for joy! ¬†(my wife thinks i’m crazy) ¬†I wasn’t able to get a picture as she was hiding in the tree.

I also recently took out another patch of the grass.  Part of it is to thin out the grass and another part is so I can put food there and watch the shrimp.



The cut out patch


Feeding time!


Full setup shot. I need to move the tank more to the right so I will have enough space to add another 60p to the left

Moving to shrimp only


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Its been over a month and none of my Fire Reds are berried yet. I decided to remove the fish from the tank. I recall with my previous tanks I had the same issue and had to remove all the fish from the tank before the shrimp would do their thing.

Hopefully this will do the trick and I should have baby shrimp in the near future…

Water Parameter


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Since I started this ADA 60p tank, I think I have killed more shrimp (over 50+) than bread (zero). ¬†Not to mention the hundreds of dollars that I have lost. ¬†Not something that I’m proud of…. if anything it almost made me quit this plant tank and go back to reef. ¬†I would lose sleep at night trying to figure out why I can’t shrimp alive. ¬†I don’t think I have everything figured out yet but one thing I realized was my water parameters. ¬†Apparently shrimp, especially CRS, are very sensitive to the water parameters. ¬†I never had to deal with TDS, PH, GH, KH before. ¬†From what I understand, the best condition for CRS is:

TDS: <200
PH: ~6.0
GH: ~6
KH: ~1

When I first started my tank, I recall my tap water was very low in GH and KH. ¬†What I did with every water change was to use 50% tap and 50% RO. ¬†This way I can keep the PH and TDS down. ¬†I also then added some of the cichlid buffer to raise my GH to 6. ¬†I did a test and figured out that I need to add 10ml of the buffer to get my GH up to 6. ¬†I used this water for all my weekly water changes and I top off with RO water on a daily bases. I added the CRS back in Sept ’10 and they all survived for about 2 months and all of a sudden they all died off. ¬†I had no idea why they all of a sudden died off, it was pretty¬†devastating¬†that I took a break from this tank. ¬†I just did the minimal of topping off water every once awhile and adding the liquid ferts whenever I can.

After a few months, I decided to try this again.  I did a quick test of the water in the 60p and this is what I got:

PH: 7
GH: 5
KH: 8

How in the world did the KH get up to 8??  I did another test of the tap water at my house and found out the tap water now has a KH of 7!  Something must of happened to my tap water during the two months that I had the CRS.  I did some research on forums and people have shared how their city/county changed the source of their tap water which also caused them to lose lots of livestock.   Based on this experience, I decided that I can no longer depend on my tap water and I need to have a more consistent water source.  I thought about using my RO water, but to fill up a 5gal jug from my RO filter takes forever.  I was told from a friend that he goes to safeway to fill up his water jugs.  Since there is a safeway right down the street, I decided to go with this route.  I did some extensive testing on the water and here is what I got:

Water Parameter

+5ml and +10ml is from adding the cichlid buffer to the safeway water


I’m doing a 5gal water change to my 60p every week so hopefully this will eventually adjust my water back to an acceptable parameter for the CRS. ¬†Currently I have Fire Red Shrimp in there so that’s why I don’t want to make a drastic change to the water. ¬†None of the FRS have gotten¬†pregnant yet so I’m starting to wonder if all this water parameter changes are causing them to readjust all the time.

NOTE: I recently decided to use about 7-8ml of the buffer instead. ¬†Rather to keep the TDS lower as I’m dosing brightly K everyday which does raise the TDS a bit.

I started this tank thinking it would be much easier than my reef tank… I’m starting to feel like this is NOT any easier. ¬†Might as well go back to reef ūüôā


My 6gal side project

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While I was researching for the ADA 60P, I came across multiple landscaping that I really wanted to try. ¬†I really wanted to try a layout using rocks as the center piece. ¬†Since you can only have one layout per tank, I really couldn’t do anything else with the 60P. ¬†Long story short, since it took me sooo long to get the 60P started, I found a few good deals through local vendors and I got a $100GC to AFA for my bday. ¬†I always wanted to have a mini tank at my cubical here at work…. so I ended up going home one day with a 6gal rimless tank! ¬†The brand new tank only cost me $20 so now I have the opportunity to start another tank with the standard rock scape layout. ¬†Since it took me so long to get the 60P started, I actually started both tanks on the same day. ¬†Currently the two tanks are sitting side by side. ¬†Hopefully in a month or so, I can move this tank to my work place. ¬†I plan on breeding CRS in this tank.

Here are some pictures:

empty tank

hard scape

Going with the emmersed method

The two tanks side by side


TANK: Seastar 6gal tank

LIGHT: Archaea 27watt PC 10,000K

FILTER: undecided (debating if I want HOB or small canister)

CO2: undecided (I really want to go low tech and not use CO2)

PLANTS: Hemianthus Callitrichoides (HC), Echinodorus Tenellus

SHRIMP: Plan on breeding Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS)

SUBSTRATE: Aquasoil – Amazonia II (3l normal, <1l powder)

STONE: Yamaya