New stock


Posted on 25th June 2012 by King7 in Purchase

Got some new shrimp….  Will post more later

Crystal Black Shrimp


Posted on 3rd May 2012 by King7 in Purchase

Well, my new tank is still not ready yet.  The ammonia is still really high and it hasn’t gone down at all!  I been reading the with the low PH (5.0), it will take much longer to cycle.  I guest I just have to wait it out.  I did put a bunch more plants in there to help with the cycling.

However, I did went ahead and buy some CBS 🙂  Someone local got a new shipment in and I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  I’m also undecided on what kind of shrimp I want to go with in my new tank so getting a few CBS now will help me with that decision.  Depending on how much I like the CBS, the new tank will either be a SSS CBS or BKK.  Granted the CBS will be much cheaper ($16 per shrimp vs $55 per shrimp).  Currently I have 2 SSS, 3 SS, and 1 S grade CBS.

I know mixing CRS and CBS is not the best thing to do, but since most of my CRS are SS or lower grade I won’t be too hard broken over the mix gene pool.  From what I have read, the offspring will be either CRS or CBS with a few being brown.  If I decide to go with CBS in the new tank, I will move them over.

Acclimating the CBS


One of the SS grade


Another view of the SS grade


Remember the baby CRS, its all grown up now



New Shrimp breeding tank


Posted on 24th March 2012 by King7 in Purchase

Finally got around to setup my new fish breeding tank!  I didn’t want to rush this project so I took my time putting it together.  The goal of this tank is to eventually house some taiwan bee shrimp.  I would love to get some pandas or shadows, but still not sure if i really want invest that much into shrimp.  Hopefully my company will either blow out our quarterly number or I can collect on some referral money to pay for this project.

Tank: ADA 60P

Light: Maineland double bright LED 18-24″ (will probably replace this with the plant version that’s coming out in May)

Filter: UGF (made out of PVC pipes) hooked up to an Eheim 2215.  I will also have a sponge filter.

Substrate: Amazonia (9l, normal).  Base layer: Seachem Matrix, Old Sea Mud, Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC


Tank with the UGF


Filled in the UGF with Seachem Matrix (to prevent the UGF to be clogged up by the aqua soil)


Plugged the Eheim 2215 filter into the UGF. Also added the base layer.


Added the aqua soil and the driftwood


Filled the tank with water - not so clear... (I also had to place a rock on the driftwood as it started floating)


The two tanks, side by side



Sneak peek! -> new 60p


Posted on 21st March 2012 by King7 in Purchase

Got the green light!  I have been wanting to setup a shrimp breeding tank, but couldn’t get the approval to do so.  I made an agreement with my wife that if I sold my 6gal tank, I can replace it with a new tank 🙂  I was able to sell my 6gal tank on the forum so here I am starting a new tank 🙂

The tanks side by side


filter setup -> going to go with the PVC underground filter (UGF)


Boiling the Manzanita driftwood (my wife hates it when I use her pot for this)

More CRS


Posted on 18th February 2012 by King7 in Purchase

I couldn’t resist on a great deal 🙂  I found someone on CL selling SS (no-entry band) CRS at $40 for 12.  The person had a very interesting  setup: 55gal tank, no substrate, tap water using PH down, 4 large sponge filter, plants and only CRS.  I measure the water perimeters when I got home and they were: TDS 296, GH 7, KH 2, PH 7.  The CL person said that the CRS breeds very slowly in his tank but the shrimp looks decent.  Anyways, I spend 2hrs acclimating them.  I think I’m done buying shrimp for now, at least not until I set up the new shrimp only tank.

Acclimating the shrimp


Feeding time again!


The berried CRS (I couldn't get a good picture)