3 year tank refresh


Posted on 2nd January 2014 by King7 in Landscaping

Can’t believe my first 60p tank is over 3 years old now.  I decide to start over on the tank, partly because it is time to swap out the old aquasoil.  From what I read, the soil is only good for 3 years (longer if you only use RO water).  Since this was my first tank, I made a lot of mistake along the way but also learned a lot along the way.  I plan on keeping PRL in this tank once it is fully cycled again.  Right now I just have fire red shrimp in there to help with the cycle.

the last look before the tear down:

Photo Dec 14, 3 30 43 PM

It was not a pretty sight taking everything out….

Photo Dec 26, 4 09 25 PM

Finally everything is cleaned out.  I did not touch the canister filter as I did not want to disturb the biological filtering

Photo Dec 26, 4 49 05 PM

The initial layout (which I changed later)

Photo Dec 26, 9 57 14 PM

The flood.  I typically run the tank at 90+ degrees initially for 1 week before draining the tank completely and loading it with plants.  The idea here is to burn off as much ammonia as I can with the higher temperature and to speed up the cycling process.

Photo Dec 26, 11 09 58 PM

Day 1 (the unofficial day 1 of the tank)

Photo Jan 02, 10 23 52 PM

Photo Jan 02, 10 24 14 PM

now I have to patiently wait for the full cycle to complete… T-60days

Life of the CBS tank


Posted on 12th November 2013 by King7 in Landscaping

I recently decided to clear out the shrimp in my CBS tank so I can breed PBL (pure black line) instead.  It was not easy but I caught about 400+ shrimp from the tank and put it out at a fire sale.  Now the tank is very very lonely with just 22 PBL shrimp in the there.  A very big change from the 400+ shrimp.  Hopefully by this time next year, I will be back at 400+ shrimp again.  Since the tank went through a major change, I decided to put together the progression of this tank.  (I also running out of storage on my iphone so needed to delete the pictures)

From the beginning:


Picture 1 of 10



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Summer is here and the shrimp are finally getting berried.  This past winter none of my shrimp got berried.  I thought something was wrong with my tank.  I checked everything and couldn’t figure it out.  All my routines were the same, nothing changed.  After some research, it turns out that others also have this type of experience during winter time.  Winter is over and they are out in full force!  I think its time to start selling some.

Photo Jun 02, 11 21 44 PM

CBS / Taiwan Bees are going wild!


Photo Jun 02, 11 26 24 PM

Its hard to take a good picture (cause of the reflection from counter top) but there are tons of baby shrimp in that patch of fissiden


Photo May 08, 9 04 38 PM

My prized possession – Blue Bolt


Photo May 21, 6 18 25 PM

Shadow Panda


Photo Apr 29, 6 13 21 PM

Here is the CRS tank. Not much of an update. The CRS are breeding slowly… The difference between a tank designed for breeding vs plants





Its time for an update!


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Its been a good 6 months since the last update.  Life some how has a way of getting busy.  One nice thing about being busy is that you touch the tank less and it ends up doing much better 🙂  I recently did a major trim on the tanks as it was filled with plants.  I wish I took some pictures before hand to show you how much moss I ended up taking out of the tanks.

Just some updates, the CBS tank now has over 100 shrimp!!!  I’m very excited about this.  My goal was to get to 100 so I like to think that this tank was a success.  I didn’t realized that it hit over 100 until I trim the moss away.  Since the moss covered over 50% of the tank, I couldn’t really see all the shrimp at once.  After the trim, you can really see all the shrimp out and about.  The CBS tank is doing well and it has about 60 CBS shrimp.  I also cleaned out both filters.  Surprisingly the CRS filter pads were a lot dirtier.  I thought the CBS tank with the UGF would suck up a lot more dirt.  I did however found a few good size CRS babies inside the filter.  Strange how they could get in there and survive.

I have also started another project to grow plants emmersed.  I will save this for another post 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Photo Dec 26, 9 15 07 PM


CBS (Tank #2)

Photo Dec 26, 9 12 35 PM

This is after the major trim. Before the left side was covered in Christmas Moss.


Left side of the tank

Left side of the tank


Center of the tank

Center of the tank


Photo Dec 26, 9 14 05 PM

Right side of the tank


CRS (Tank #1)

Took out a bunch of mini microsword cause I saw mini pella growing within

Took out a bunch of mini microsword cause I saw mini pella growing within


New E. Belem starting to take off

New E. Belem starting to take off


CRS shrimp

CRS shrimp

Pictures update


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Tank 1

Added some Almond leaves and did some trimming around the edge of the tank


Feeding time!  The new SSS are so much “whiter”  Time to get ride of my old CRS


Tank 2

Added some new plants and remove some Christmas Moss


Moved all the CBS over (there are 6 CBS in here now with 2 that are berried)


Added some Anubias Nana ‘Petite’ and Fissiden Fontanus Moss


Fire Yellow Shrimp