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Posted on 7th May 2014 by King7 in Maintenance

Going from 2 tanks to 5 tanks is pretty crazy.  It takes a lot more water to top off all the tanks and a lot more water to do water changes.  A few things that I learned:

1. you need a lot more shrimp in the 40b to get them start breeding.   The shrimp are scattered all over the place and its harder for them to find each other.  When i drop food in there, not every shrimp will come (vs the 20 gal tanks, every single shrimp will come to the food)

2. bacteria and/or fungus infection on shrimp sucks!  My fire shrimp is having some type of infection and its so hard to get rid of it.  For some reason the cherry shrimp are prone to fungus infection much easier.  I’m dosing ParaGuard in the fire tank now and it’s take a long time to wipe out all the infection.  I can tell that it’s working but to completely get rid of it all…. it’s taking some time.  I dosing for 2 weeks right now.  I think you can over dose without any issue.  I’m going to start double the recommended amount to see if i can get rid of it once for all.

3. don’t ever mess with a good tank.  I had like 400+ CBS in one tank and I decided to empty it all out so I can put in PBL in there.  Well that tank has been a tough one to deal with ever since the change.  Algae is out of control, the PBL stopped breeding, and the tank just got really ugly.  I’m still battling through this one.

Okay here are some pictures:

Photo Apr 23, 8 47 18 PM

The two ADA 60p tanks


The Shrimp Rack

Photo May 06, 9 48 51 PM

The new CRS inside the 40b

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