PRL Tank (20 gal)


Posted on 26th January 2014 by King7 in Filter |Landscaping |Lighting |Purchase

This tank originally going to be a Fire Red shrimp tank.  However, the temperature on this tank was much more stable (and lower) than the ADA 60p tanks that I thought its better to put the more expensive shrimp in this one.


PRL Tank

PRL Tank


Tank: 20L (20gals)
Substrate: 13 liters of New Amazonia normal
Light: Current Satellite Freshwater LED+ (24″)
Filtration: AquaClear 50 and 4 Sponge filters
CO2: none
Fertilizers: none
Misc: Driftwood, Mineral Rock

Peacock Moss
Fissiden Fontanus Moss
Staurogyne reopens
Blyxa japonica
some kind of stem plant

empty at the moment

Photo Jan 25, 10 36 06 PM

Aquaclear 50 attached to a sponge filter

Photo Jan 25, 10 36 32 PM

the hard scape before plants and flood

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