3 year tank refresh


Posted on 2nd January 2014 by King7 in Landscaping

Can’t believe my first 60p tank is over 3 years old now.  I decide to start over on the tank, partly because it is time to swap out the old aquasoil.  From what I read, the soil is only good for 3 years (longer if you only use RO water).  Since this was my first tank, I made a lot of mistake along the way but also learned a lot along the way.  I plan on keeping PRL in this tank once it is fully cycled again.  Right now I just have fire red shrimp in there to help with the cycle.

the last look before the tear down:

Photo Dec 14, 3 30 43 PM

It was not a pretty sight taking everything out….

Photo Dec 26, 4 09 25 PM

Finally everything is cleaned out.  I did not touch the canister filter as I did not want to disturb the biological filtering

Photo Dec 26, 4 49 05 PM

The initial layout (which I changed later)

Photo Dec 26, 9 57 14 PM

The flood.  I typically run the tank at 90+ degrees initially for 1 week before draining the tank completely and loading it with plants.  The idea here is to burn off as much ammonia as I can with the higher temperature and to speed up the cycling process.

Photo Dec 26, 11 09 58 PM

Day 1 (the unofficial day 1 of the tank)

Photo Jan 02, 10 23 52 PM

Photo Jan 02, 10 24 14 PM

now I have to patiently wait for the full cycle to complete… T-60days

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