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Summer is here and the shrimp are finally getting berried.  This past winter none of my shrimp got berried.  I thought something was wrong with my tank.  I checked everything and couldn’t figure it out.  All my routines were the same, nothing changed.  After some research, it turns out that others also have this type of experience during winter time.  Winter is over and they are out in full force!  I think its time to start selling some.

Photo Jun 02, 11 21 44 PM

CBS / Taiwan Bees are going wild!


Photo Jun 02, 11 26 24 PM

Its hard to take a good picture (cause of the reflection from counter top) but there are tons of baby shrimp in that patch of fissiden


Photo May 08, 9 04 38 PM

My prized possession – Blue Bolt


Photo May 21, 6 18 25 PM

Shadow Panda


Photo Apr 29, 6 13 21 PM

Here is the CRS tank. Not much of an update. The CRS are breeding slowly… The difference between a tank designed for breeding vs plants





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