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Posted on 15th July 2012 by King7 in Lighting

For my birthday I got a Marineland Aquatic Plant LED (18-24″ model).  This LED was just released by Marineland so I was very excited to test it out!

Looking at the website, the PAR value for this light at 12″ is 172, which is REALLY high!  I wasn’t sure if i’m just going to be growing algae in my tank or I can keep the algae under control.  I decided to put the light on both tanks to see what the difference were.  Pictures were taken with an iPAD3 so the quality isn’t that great.  You can click on the pictures for a larger format.

Tank 1 -> This tank is currently running 2 T5HO 24″.  The front bulb is 10,000k and the back bulb is 6700k.  You can’t really tell from the picture below but the differences between the two lights were quiet large.  The LED definitely have “dark” spots.  Like the back right corner had basically no light.  The tree blocked out a lot of the lights on the right side.  As for the left side, it was extremely bright right below the LED light but the light definitely didn’t spread very well to the edge.  I know LEDs don’t have a good spread but I was kinda disappointed that it couldn’t even really cover a 17gal tank.  (Now that I had some more time to think about it, it could be that it is spreading out to the edge but because the area right below was SOO bright that it looked like the edge was so dark).  I was hoping to put the LED on this tank because this is the only tank with CO2, but with my current aqua scaping (the tree), it might not work so well.  I may have to change my scaping so there is no tall tree on one side that blocks all the lights.

Top picture is with the T5HO and the bottom picture is with the new LED


Tank 2 -> The current light is the Marineland Double Bright LED (18-24″) model.  The new light is definitely A LOT brighter in this tank.  This new light definitely lights up a lot more areas of the tank.  The new light system have 21 LED lights and the old one have only 9.  The new light definitely in lights the up the edges a lot more than the old one; however, with out CO2 in this tank not so sure how crazy the algae will get.

Top is with the Double Bright and the bottom is with the new LED


Conclusion -> I need to play around with it some more.  I think I might just run the light on each tank for 1 week and see what the results may be.    I still think the light is probably way too strong for a non-CO2 tank.  In which case, I might have to re-do tank 1 to make it work

Side note -> I really like how they integrate the timer into the light.  I wish they do that with all the lights.

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