Crystal Black Shrimp


Posted on 3rd May 2012 by King7 in Purchase

Well, my new tank is still not ready yet.  The ammonia is still really high and it hasn’t gone down at all!  I been reading the with the low PH (5.0), it will take much longer to cycle.  I guest I just have to wait it out.  I did put a bunch more plants in there to help with the cycling.

However, I did went ahead and buy some CBS 🙂  Someone local got a new shipment in and I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  I’m also undecided on what kind of shrimp I want to go with in my new tank so getting a few CBS now will help me with that decision.  Depending on how much I like the CBS, the new tank will either be a SSS CBS or BKK.  Granted the CBS will be much cheaper ($16 per shrimp vs $55 per shrimp).  Currently I have 2 SSS, 3 SS, and 1 S grade CBS.

I know mixing CRS and CBS is not the best thing to do, but since most of my CRS are SS or lower grade I won’t be too hard broken over the mix gene pool.  From what I have read, the offspring will be either CRS or CBS with a few being brown.  If I decide to go with CBS in the new tank, I will move them over.

Acclimating the CBS


One of the SS grade


Another view of the SS grade


Remember the baby CRS, its all grown up now



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