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I’m opening up the option to post comments again! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I added some spam security and a¬†captcha¬†plugin. ¬†Hopefully this will cut down on the crazy amount of spams that I was getting before I shut this down.



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Picture updates (I need to come up with a name for these tanks… tank 1 and tank 2 just don’t sound that great):

Shrimp tank 1


Shrimp tank 2


Both tanks

Crystal Black Shrimp


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Well, my new tank is still not ready yet. ¬†The ammonia is still really high and it hasn’t gone down at all! ¬†I been reading the with the low PH (5.0), it will take much longer to cycle. ¬†I guest I just have to wait it out. ¬†I did put a bunch more plants in there to help with the cycling.

However, I did went ahead and buy some CBS ūüôā ¬†Someone local got a new shipment in and I just couldn’t hold off any longer. ¬†I’m also undecided on what kind of shrimp I want to go with in my new tank so getting a few CBS now will help me with that decision. ¬†Depending on how much I like the CBS, the new tank will either be a SSS CBS or BKK. ¬†Granted the CBS will be much cheaper ($16 per shrimp vs $55 per shrimp). ¬†Currently I have 2 SSS, 3 SS, and 1 S grade CBS.

I know mixing CRS and CBS is not the best thing to do, but since most of my CRS are SS or lower grade I won’t be too hard broken over the mix gene pool. ¬†From what I have read, the offspring will be either CRS or CBS with a few being brown. ¬†If I decide to go with CBS in the new tank, I will move them over.

Acclimating the CBS


One of the SS grade


Another view of the SS grade


Remember the baby CRS, its all grown up now