Updates on the new tank


Posted on 13th April 2012 by King7 in Landscaping

Still cycling….  its cycling very slowly….

Current water parameter:

PH 5.0
TDS 173
GH 4.0
KH 0
Nitrite .3
Ammonia 3-5

Added more plants


Baby CRS


Posted on 5th April 2012 by King7 in Landscaping

I saw some baby CRS recently but was not able to get a good picture. Last night I found the baby CRS in the front of the tank so I was able to get some photos. Hopefully the tank will continue to produce more CRS.

Looks like it might be a SS 🙂


Can you find the baby CRS?


Got a new feeding dish


FTS (front tank shot) - finally got around to clean the lily pipes


FTS of the new breeding tank. Threw in a filter pad from the old filter to help with the cycle.