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Posted on 18th February 2012 by King7 in Purchase

I couldn’t resist on a great deal 🙂  I found someone on CL selling SS (no-entry band) CRS at $40 for 12.  The person had a very interesting  setup: 55gal tank, no substrate, tap water using PH down, 4 large sponge filter, plants and only CRS.  I measure the water perimeters when I got home and they were: TDS 296, GH 7, KH 2, PH 7.  The CL person said that the CRS breeds very slowly in his tank but the shrimp looks decent.  Anyways, I spend 2hrs acclimating them.  I think I’m done buying shrimp for now, at least not until I set up the new shrimp only tank.

Acclimating the shrimp


Feeding time again!


The berried CRS (I couldn't get a good picture)


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