Red Cherry Shrimp (Fire Reds)


Posted on 18th August 2011 by King7 in Purchase


I guess its really hard to get over the shrimp bug. After all my shrimp died, i decided that I was done with shrimp. But when I started reading the plant tank blogs again, I was itchy to try again. I got some baby RCS from my friend but I can never find them. They were either hiding very well in the grass or my fish was eating them. I decided that I should buy some amano shrimp to test out cause they are much bigger. When I went to dolphin pet village to buy the amano, I saw these really red adult RCS and I couldn’t resist. After watching them for 4days in my tank, I decided that wanted more! I was able to buy some fire reds from a member on Sfbaaps. Hopefully I will be able to breed them and eventually try the CRS again.

I like the Red and Green contrast

These are the super red that I got from Dolphin Pet Village

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