No maintenance = more grass


Posted on 6th July 2011 by King7 in Landscaping

Its been awhile since I did an update.  Its probably because I haven’t really worked on the tank lately.  After my first kid was born, this tank has been moved way down in the priority chain.  It interesting though that when I don’t pay attention or touch the tank for months, the plants actually filled in very nicely.  I did a quick trim of the moss on the tree before taking these pictures.  I should start trimming the grass soon.  I notice that the mini micro swords are taking over more of the bottom and the UG is in more of a sustaining mood.

Not sure what my last update was on the living creatures, but I have no more shrimp in the tank 🙁  I just have a few CPDs, 1 otto, and 1 Hara Jerdoni (who I can never find).  For some reason I keep losing the CPDs cause they like the commit suicide by jumping out of the tank.  I started with 20….


Showing my son the tank

UG and mini micro swords all mixed together

CPD (Celestial Pearl Danio)

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