time for an update


Posted on 18th October 2010 by King7 in Landscaping

An update is long over due.  Not a while lot of changes since last time.  I did add some more UG as I got impatient waiting for the current ones to fill out the tank, as I wanted the tank to be filled out w/ UG ASAP.  The UG are doing well (both old and new).  One thing though, UG are are a bit hard to manage as the some of the roots don’t like to stay grounded.  I tried to bury them again but they just don’t like to stay down.   I ended up just trimming the ones that’s not staying down.  The tree on the other hand is filling in nice as well.  I’m letting it grow out some more before I start trimming the tree.  The frogbits were getting out of control so I got ride of them (just keeping 2-3 patches in case I need them again in the future).  None of the CRS are pregnant yet.

Full view of the fish tank

Close up of the tree:

Close up of the UG