Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS)


Posted on 2nd September 2010 by King7 in Purchase

Yesterday I bought 20 S+ grade and 5 SS grade from Kevin (who btw has awesome quality CRS, I highly recommend it).  He even has some SSS, but I’m not ready to put that much money down just yet.  I took out the two amano shrimp in there but at the end of the day I have no place to dump the amano shrimp so I put them back in.  Hopefully they can live together until I find a new home for the amano shrimp.

Here are some pictures:


I am having some algae issue on some of my UG.  First of all, does anyone know what type of algae this is?  Looks like hair algae to me.  Also, any advice on how to get ride of it?

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