Posted on 4th July 2010 by King7 in Landscaping |Purchase

After doing more research, I found out that rocks can actually change the water parameters.  And just my luck, the rocks that I purchased earlier is one of those rocks that’s not ideal for CRS as it will raise the GH.  From talking to Kevin from theshrimpjounal, he mention that in order for me to breed CRS I need to go get the rocks that won’t change your water parameters.  Even if my water is low on GH, it is not good to depend on a rock to raise the GH.  You rather have everything in the tank start with zero and use controlled buffers to raise the water parameters.  This gives you more control and better results.

So I went back to AFA store again and exchange the rocks that I bought for some Menton stones.  Menton stones are NOT cheap!  Try $7.99 / lb!

Making the tree


Posted on 3rd July 2010 by King7 in Landscaping

After soaking and boiling the driftwood for a month, it is time to put it together.  In order to make the “tree”, I had to do some customization.  I did some cutting and gluing to create a section where I can grow the moss.  I will be tying the Singapore moss to a mesh net and then tying the net to the branches on the “tree”.

Here is a picture of the “tree” prior to the gluing:

Here is the picture of the “tree” after gluing all the pieces together:

Here is a rough draft of the layout:  (the paper towel is about the size of the tank.  My main concern is that the tree is too tall.)

If all goes well, the tank will get setup tomorrow.  I’m tired of waiting for someone to have some UG for sale, so I’m just going to use dwarf hair grass in its place for now.  I figure the dwarf hair grass will be easy to take out later.

Will be making another visit to AFA today.  Got a wedding to attend in the city so can’t pass up on another opportunity to spend money 🙂  (not to mention that I got a GC from my cousin)