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Posted on 5th July 2010 by King7 in Landscaping

So I finally got around to start the tank!!  After over a month of spending money and researching, I finally decided that it is time to jump in.  First I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on,, and  I didn’t post very much on the forums but I was on it everyday looking up new ideas or learning from other people’s experience.

I started off the day getting the filter setup.  My main concern here was the the fact the filter and the tank was on the same level.  To get it going I had to basically turn the filter in a horizontal position and slowly stand it upright again.  so far so good…  (btw, anyone know where I can get those metal elbow joint?  I bought those for $12 each and I really don’t want to pay $12 for another one)

Next, I started to work on the “tree”.  First I had to figure out a way to get the tree to stand up in the tank.  I thought about drilling through the rock and screw the tree onto the rock.  Considering that I paid $7.99/lb for these rocks, I really didn’t want to risk damaging them.  I found a way to squeeze a rock into a section of the tree so the rocks can hold it down inside the tank.  This rock later gets completely covered inside the tank by the Aquasoil. What a waste of a good looking rock.

Next was the “leaves” of the tree.  I started out by putting a net on top of the tree.  The net is there to help me hold down the moss and give the moss a structure and something to hold onto.  I had just enough Singapore moss to cover up most of the net.

So finally onto the tank… first I created a border with Amazonia II – normal

Then I added the Power Sand Special – M

Then Tourmaline BC

Then Bacter 100

Filling out the rest of the tank with Amazonia II – normal and powder and adding the rocks and tree

Filling the tank up with water

Here are some pictures to complete Day 1:

I was going to wait til next day to add CO2 (cause I was really tired and it was late), but I couldn’t resist

Lessons learned: Personally I think I put too much Aquasoil in the tank.  I used a full 9L bag of Amazonia II – Normal and most of the 3l bag of Amazonia II – powder.  Not sure if I like th slop look right now.  However, that might change once I get some UG and have it fill in as the carpet.  The tree could be a little lower.  Not sure what it will look like once the moss fills in.  Also, maybe the base of the tree could be more stable.  Currently it is fine, but I’m wondering when I start trimming the carpet plant later is it going to be a problem when I accidentally hit the tree.  Lastly, getting the aqua scaping down is a LOT of work!  There is definitely a skill set there.  No wonder people constantly “redo” their tanks.

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