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Posted on 16th June 2010 by King7 in Purchase

I received my PetSolutions order today and to my disappointment, the filter came damaged.  I understand that items do break during shipment; however, this case PetSolutions clearly ship me a damaged product.

Here is my email to PetSolutions:


Hi PetSolutions,

I received my order today (order number xxxxxxxxxx). The outer shipping box had no damage; however, the Eheim 2215 filter box inside was damaged. Upon observing the damage on the Eheim filter box, it is very clear that the Eheim filter was damaged PRIOR to shipment. This is very disappointing to know that PetSolutions clearly mailed me a damaged product.

I have attached some pictures of the Eheim 2215 that I received:

filter_box.jpg – from this picture you can clearly tell that the box was damaged prior to opening. Again based on the level of damage on the Eheim filter box and NO damage on the shipping box, it is very CLEAR that this unit was damaged prior to shipping

filter_cover.jpg – this is the cover of the Eheim filter and as you can see it is cracked at the joints. Every joint on the cover has a crack as seen in the attached photo.

filter_unit.jpg – in this picture you can see two plastic pieces sitting on top of the motor. These two plastic pieces were supposed to be attached to the unit. You can tell in the picture where those two plastic pieces broke off from.

Again, I understand items do break during shipment but this unit was clearly damaged prior to shipping. I’m not sure what type of quality control you have there, but this is unacceptable.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would quickly resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


I will update once I hear back from PetSolutions

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