Posted on 9th June 2010 by King7 in Landscaping

Thanks to all who voted for their favorite landscape.  The obvious winning is #2, which happens to be the hardest one 🙂 (go figure).  After doing more research on that particular setup, it will be very difficult to duplicate that inside my much smaller tank.  As I was looking through the driftwoods and rocks at AFA (with the help of the employees), I was able to gather parts to create a simpler version of the tree branch look.

Here is my latest and current goal for the tank: (picture taken from here)

I know it is much “simpler” but considering this is my first attempt at an iwagumi setup, I want to make sure I can succeed!

I also want to take this time to give thanks to,, AGA, AFA, and youtube for all the information and inspiring photos.  Also, special thanks to my wife who encouraged me to start this project and not rushing me at the AFA store 🙂

p.s. I think I finally decided on the filter, Ehiem 2215.  Now I just have to order it so I can start on my tank.

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