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Posted on 9th June 2010 by King7 in Purchase

I finally order the filter today.  After doing lots of comparison between 205, G3, 2215, 2217, and ES-600, I finally went with the 2215.  G3 was the clear winner, but the flow is just way too strong for the 60-P.  I using the 304 on another tank but I decided to give the 2215 a try base on the overwhelming recommendation on   My friend however, switched from eheim to fluval so hopefully I’m not making a mistake here.  I’m hoping one day I will have another tank big enough for the G3 or even G4 (not to mention the next release will have the heater module option)

Here is my latest damage from petsolution:

Eheim 2215, Small Mag-Float, and Digital Thermometer

I also started the boiling and soaking of the driftwood

my wife absolutely hates it when I do this (especially with her nice pot)

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