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ADA Plant Tanks

Updated maintenance schedule


Posted on 23rd November 2015 by King7 in Maintenance

Here is my latest feeding and maintenance schedule

Feeding Schedule:

First of all, I feed 6 days out of the week.  I have one “starve” day.  I try to find something different each day to give the shrimp a good variety.  The amount that I feed depends on the population of the tank.

Monday: Mosura Excel
Tuesday: Shrimp King Complete
Wednesday: Benibachi BeeMax + GlasGarten Baby Food
Thursday: Starve day
Friday: GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner
Saturday: GlasGarten Bacter AE + Glas Garten Baby Food
Sunday: GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner

Here are the links to the items above:
Shrimp King Complete: http://www.dennerle.eu/

I order my shrimp supplies and food from two places mainly:


Maintenance Schedule:
  • Everyday I top off the tank with pure RO water (TDS ~001ppm).  You want to top off with RO water because you don’t want to raise the TDS.  When water evaporates, the minerals stays inside the tank.  If you add water with minerals in there, you are just adding more minerals each time and that will keep raising your TDS.  I also top off everyday so I can keep the parameter of my tank as stable as I can.  I have gone a weekend without topping off though.  Here the RO unit that I installed in my house: Bulk Reef Supply
  • Since I no longer dose (add minerals for the plants) my tank anymore, my TDS is very stable.  It consistently stays around 150-160ppm.  When I used to dose, my TDS will go up every day so once it hits about 180-200ppm, I would do a water change.  The water I use for water change is RO water +Shirakura CA+.  I would fill my 5gal water jug with pure RO water and I use the CA+ to bring the TDS in the water jug to be about ~100ppm.  From experience, 1 teaspoon will get me that.  Now, I probably change the water once a month as my TDS doesn’t shift very much.  Remember you do not want to use this water (RO+CA+) to do the daily top off.  Mark this jug and only use it for water changes.
  • When I do the water change, I also take out the sponges that’s on my intake /sponge filter and squeeze it out a few times in the water that I just removed from the tank.  I don’t want those sponge to touch anything else.
  • I clean out the filter pads (eheim 2215) twice a year.
  • OH, I do keep two items in my tank:
  • Mineral rock.  I’m not sure if this really does anything, but I keep it in there to help supplement the RO water.
  • Almond leaf.  This helps with the PH and it gives the shrimp something to eat at.  When you add new leaf, it will turn your water a little brown (which is totally fine cause shrimp like that) but it will go away after the next water change.
  • Note – if you don’t have a RO filter, I used to buy water from Safeway.  I would bring my 5gal jugs to the Glacier water refill units.  http://glacierwater.com/ This water works just as well.  The key here is to constantly use the same water source for everything!  I used to top of with RO water and do water changes with the water from Glacier.  I could not understand why my shrimp weren’t getting berried.  After change all the water source to my RO unit, it just took off from there.
  • Another side note – after breeding shrimp for a few years now… I’m not sure if a canister filter is really needed.  My tanks with just sponge filter and a HOB filter breed just as well as tanks with canister filters.  For future setups, I may go with just sponge filter and HOB filters.

Shrimp Rack updates


Posted on 30th April 2015 by King7 in Landscaping

The plants on the shrimp rack have filled in very nicely.  The shrimp has also taken off quiet nicely.  I think its time to start selling the shrimp on CL again 🙂

Shrimp Rack

Shrimp Rack


40B tank - CRS

40B tank – CRS


20L - CBS tank

20L – CBS tank

ADA 60p updates


Posted on 10th April 2015 by King7 in Landscaping

The ADA 60p tanks are filling in nicely.  The Pure Black Line (PBL) are finally taking off.  Waiting for more off springs so I can start culling the tank.  The Painted Fire Reds (PFR) tank as finally settled down.  Waiting for the tank to hit critical mass so I can start selling them.  Culling this tank has been a lot of work as I want to make sure the off springs are all super red like the parents.


PBL Tank - 3/4 view

PBL Tank – 3/4 view


PBL tank - front view

PBL tank – front view


PFR - 3/4 view

PFR – 3/4 view


PFR - front view

PFR – front view


ADA 60p side by side

ADA 60p side by side

Got new Painted Fire Reds (PFR)


Posted on 12th June 2014 by King7 in Purchase

Purchased some Painted Fire Reds.  These are my new favorite shrimp!

Painted Fire Reds

Painted Fire Reds


Painted Fire Reds

Painted Fire Reds


20+ new Painted Fire Reds

20+ new Painted Fire Reds

Picture update on the tanks


Posted on 7th May 2014 by King7 in Maintenance

Going from 2 tanks to 5 tanks is pretty crazy.  It takes a lot more water to top off all the tanks and a lot more water to do water changes.  A few things that I learned:

1. you need a lot more shrimp in the 40b to get them start breeding.   The shrimp are scattered all over the place and its harder for them to find each other.  When i drop food in there, not every shrimp will come (vs the 20 gal tanks, every single shrimp will come to the food)

2. bacteria and/or fungus infection on shrimp sucks!  My fire shrimp is having some type of infection and its so hard to get rid of it.  For some reason the cherry shrimp are prone to fungus infection much easier.  I’m dosing ParaGuard in the fire tank now and it’s take a long time to wipe out all the infection.  I can tell that it’s working but to completely get rid of it all…. it’s taking some time.  I dosing for 2 weeks right now.  I think you can over dose without any issue.  I’m going to start double the recommended amount to see if i can get rid of it once for all.

3. don’t ever mess with a good tank.  I had like 400+ CBS in one tank and I decided to empty it all out so I can put in PBL in there.  Well that tank has been a tough one to deal with ever since the change.  Algae is out of control, the PBL stopped breeding, and the tank just got really ugly.  I’m still battling through this one.

Okay here are some pictures:

Photo Apr 23, 8 47 18 PM

The two ADA 60p tanks


The Shrimp Rack

Photo May 06, 9 48 51 PM

The new CRS inside the 40b